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Tagged by :iconheldrad:


1) You must post the rules
2) Each person has to share 5 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions to ask the 10 people you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal.
5) No you're tagged if you read this.
6) You have to tag 10 people
7) No tag backs
8) You can't say I don't do tags. (LOLOL BUT I WILL SAY THIS CUZZ I AM LAZY LIKE THAT!!)
9) You must make a journal entry!

Five facts about me...

1. I have a cute cat, named Candy

2. I study japanese on my own

3. I collect, make, and wear kimono

4. I am like a vampire, if it comes to sleeping habits

5. I'd like to travel through asia one day =D!

To answer the 10 questions

1. Where would you like to live when you grow old?
Japan? And if not Japan, probably Indonesia or America lol

2. Do you do something to keep in shape?
omg... ehm no, because I am lazy like that x'D!

3. What's a perfect day for you?? 
A sunny day without (financial) worries!

4. What's your favorite movie ever?
I can't pick a favorite ;A; I really like allot of movies!! some of my recent faves;
Kruimeltje (dutch movie)
And kinda all of the ghibli and disney movies ;u;b!

5. Anime/manga OTP??
KUROFAI ALL THE WAY BBY! (kurogane and fai)

6. What's your biggest regret in life?
Never finishing any schools (and thus having no diploma's!)

7. Is there something you're scared of? As in a phobia?? 
yup... feet ;A;

8. Recommend me a song you like :) (Smile)
kohtalon oma by Chisu, and love corrida by shishido kavka (シシド・カフカ ラヴコリーダ)

9. What do you usually have when buying snacks?
Fruit, chocolate, chips, nuts, or cookies... it kinda depends what I feel like getting!

10. What's your type?? (As in romantic interest xD) 
LOL... ehm the handsome type x'D? A a guy who is spontanious and intellegent.
I also like it if he has ambition to make something out of his life! And it would be a plus if he talks allot too =Bb

I won't tag anyone because I am seriously lazy!! But this was fun!! thanks for the tag Flor >u<!!
  • Listening to: radio
  • Reading: way to much


stef -chan
welcome to my page >u< thanks for visiting my page and thanks for all the watches faves and comments >u<!! i love it so much if people like my work >u<!! so i appreciate all your support >u<!! also i'm open for commissions >U<!!…

Current Residence: behind my laptop xD
Favourite genre of music: j-pop, top-40 music, ending and opening songs from anime
Favourite style of art: traditional
MP3 player of choice: one that works??xD
Favourite cartoon character: REALLY MUCH
Personal Quote: laugh at least once a day xD

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